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Magic Holdem

Magic Holdem Overview:
Magic Holdem is a calculator of odds and probabilities. The software also gives you advice in real time on the action to take.

Installation of Magic Holdem:
Magic Holdem installation is rather simple. Once installed, Magic Holdem will automatically detect tables on which you play, so you do not have to configure anything. If Magic Holdem does not detect your tables, you will need to modify some elements (particularly at the level of the display) of your operating system. Magic Holdem nevertheless provides a simple and effective explanation of how to proceed.

Ease of use:
Once properly installed, Magic Holdem is easy to use. The tables will be automatically detected. The interface is simple and Visual, but not particularly aesthetic. Nevertheless, you can have the information sought in a single glance.

Magic Holdem attaches directly to your poker tables and calculates probabilities. The software evaluates the rank of your hand and adjust this assessment throughout the hand.

Magic Holdem also gives you advice on what you should do; Unfortunately, this can go against the terms of use of some sites so make sure you check with the site on which you play Magic Holdem is allowed or not. On the other hand, Magic Holdem tips reflect very little factor, so that the tips are usually unnecessary and that it is better to ignore them completely.

Trial version:
Magic Holdem offers a trial version of 200 hands, after which you must purchase an annual license $ 90 (or $ 120 for 2 years) to continue using this software.

Supported sites:
Most major online poker rooms are supported by Magic Holdem. You can find the full list here: .

Variations and types of games supported:
All variations of Hold'Em are supported by Magic Holdem, both in cashgame in tournament.

Updates / support:
The updates are sometimes long, so it may happen that the software no longer works on certain rooms of poker for several days (10-20 days!).

Even if Magic HoldEm is a solution a bit cheaper than its competitors (Calculatem Pro and Holdem Genuis), Magic Holdem is expensive software ($ 90/year or $ 120 / 2 years) and its quality/price ratio is very low. Magic Holdem advice during a hand are limited (the suggestions of the software are limited to "call", "raise", "fold") and these suggestions are often very poor. You will always lose money by following these suggestions to the letter, that will make you a loose-passive player. Software is therefore just an expensive odds calculator.

PokerCollectif does not recommend Magic Holdem.