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Omaha Indicator

Overview of Omaha Indicator:
Omaha Indicator has been designed by the same people behind HoldEm Indicator. The software is the version "Omaha" of HoldEm Indicator and is, at base, an odds calculator. Many options have been added and Omaha Indicator can also be used as software tracking. Statistics for tracking are very basic, but it allows the beginner/novice players to tame the tracking software.

Omaha Indicator installation:
Nothing simpler: you download the software, and installation is done with a single click. Omaha Indicator will automatically detect tables on which you play and voila. No configuration is required!

Ease of use:
Omaha Indicator has several features, but yet it is surprising simple. The interface is simple and very visual.

Once the software is installed, it will automatically detect the open tables, giving you access to the HUD and the odds calculator. Although Omaha Indicator does not replace a software such as HoldEm Manager or PokerTracker, players enjoy statistics databases offered by HUD of Omaha Indicator, allowing beginners to tame the VPIP, PFR, aggression Factor, WTSD, etc.

On the side of the odd calculator, Omaha Indicator is probably the best on the market. The software displays the "Win odds", both for the High than Low. Without being necessarily perfect, the percentages are much more accurate than most of the other odds calculator because Omaha Indicator takes into account the number of players in the hand and the range of hands that opponents are likely to have. The same implementation-guard is necessary however: the odds calculators should never replace your "common sense". The odds calculators that provide minimum guidance and do not take into account all facets of the game. Do not rely solely on suggestions for Omaha Indicator: otherwise, you will definitely lose your money!

Supported sites:
Omaha Indicator supports many sites and most of the major networks are supported.You will find the complete list here:

Variations and types of games supported:
As the Limit, No-Limit and Pot - Limit Omaha are supported by Omaha Indicator. The parties Hi / Lo are also supported.

Trial version:
The trial version of Omaha Indicator only supports the parties in play money. Therefore, it is not possible to test the software on real money tables.

Updates / support:
Omaha Indicator exists since 2008. The updates are frequent and support responses are fast and efficient.

Omaha Indicator is designed for beginners of microlimites. The software does not take decisions on your behalf: therefore the simple use of this software not transformed you in player who wins by magic! Nevertheless, Omaha Indicator is a good introduction to statistics software and odds calculator will allow beginners to familiarize themselves with the odds and equity.

On the other hand, the software is expensive and beginners will quickly learn to do without this software. PokerCollectif does not therefore recommend this software, although it is probably one of the best Calculators Omaha odds on the market.