Austria: IPoker players will have to pay 40% tax on earnings

This new will not directly affect our readers of Québec or the France, but we still wanted to notify them. As of yesterday, PokerCollectif received a release from the William Hill room to notify us that from 1 June 2015, the Austrians gains will be taxed at 40%.

Therefore, and in accordance with the terms and conditions on, rakeback that shareholders pay players will be adjusted in link this new policy.

This new affects only earnings generated by citizens of the Austria set.

As mentioned earlier, this news will not affect the Québécois or the French, but they are similarly entitled to wonder about the future influence of this new policy. Is this to say that it will be more y have of winning players in Austria? Can I win at poker in 2015 by paying our rake, taxes on our earnings in a competitive environment?

You can discuss this new forum PokerCollectif: Austria: iPoker players will have to pay 40% tax on earnings


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