Interview with Chris McClung alias D0r1t0s

It was the first time I met Chris. A very nice character! We went a drink on the terrace of the St-Sulpice in Montreal earlier this month, one afternoon when the Sun was part. We had a discussion which should be of interest to you!

I first asked Chris to talk about his debut as a poker player. Here's what he told me:

{mp3} doritos/extract1 {/ mp3}

I then asked Chris how he made his debut at poker:

{mp3} doritos/Extrait2 {/ mp3}

Chris speak us here of different tells that he noticed when he plays live:

{mp3} doritos/Extrait3 {/ mp3}

A few other details on the live tells:

{mp3} doritos/Extrait4 {/ mp3}

I later asked Chris what were its forces according to him while playing online.

Here's his response:

{mp3} doritos/Extrait5 {/ mp3}

Chris talks about here many scores that it did in live tournaments and online!

Impressive for a beginning of the year!

{mp3} doritos/Extrait6 {/ mp3}

He intends to participate in the WSOP?

{mp3} doritos/Extrait7 {/ mp3}

I asked Chris to talk about his funniest anecdotes lived with members of the PokerCollectif forum.

Here's what he had to tell us:

{mp3} doritos/Extrait8 {/ mp3}

Here is the last part of the interview with its short and medium long term plans now!

{mp3} doritos/Extrait9 {/ mp3}

PokerCollectif would like to thank Chris for this interview! We wish him the best of luck for its tournaments in the WSOP! We hope to have the chance to speak again in Vegas! God willing, a video interview with Chris could be released mid-July!

Once again, the best of luck for your future tournaments!

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