A Quebec flavour to the PokerStars Big Game week


Do you know the PokerStars.net Big Game? It is a part of cash game format 'six-handed' (six players). Each week, an amateur (called 'loose cannon') player faces five professional players for 150 hands. Preflop, it is pot-limit Hold'em ' Em (raises are limited to the size of the pot!) and postflop, variant becomes no-limit hold'em. The blinds are $ 200 / $400, with $ 100 antes. Players start the game with at least $ 100,000, but can make a rebuy up to $ 500,000. Each player plays with his own money, but the amateur player is 'stake': loose cannon is actually $ 100 000 and it can keep all profits (without having to repay the losses).

To become a competitor, the loose cannon must be a U.S. or Canadian citizen and must be qualified through PokerStars. In addition to qualify in some tournaments of qualification, applicants must also send a video hearing and producers then select the candidate of the week.  The 'loose cannon' highest gain during the season won an additional price: a 'passport' for the North American Poker Tour (NAPT) with a value of $ 50,000.

This week fifth week of the second season), the table was partly Quebec, then only two of five professional players were Quebec: Jonathan Duhamel and Guy Laliberté were thus parts of 5 professional players who faced loose cannon Curry Bershell. A third player, Bob Voulgaris, also lived a part of his life in Quebec. Full alignment of the episode of this is as follows:
-Jason Mercier
-Jonathan Duhamel
-Eugene Katchalov
-Guy Laliberté
-Bob Voulgaris
-Curry Bershell (Loose Cannon)

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Discuss the confrontation of this week at the PokerStars Big Game by clicking the following link: Jonathan Duhamel and Guy Laliberté gives Quebec the PokerStars Big Game

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