A class action lawsuit against Full Tilt Poker

marteau-justice-sqAn article in La Presse learned us this morning that Canadians came to bring a lawsuit against Full Tilt Poker.


According to master Jeff Orenstein, lawyer of the Consumer Law Group, Full Tilt Poker did not service. They did that keep their players money and therefore, money should be always available for players. Players should be able to withdraw their funds when good seems to them.

The lawsuit was filed yesterday Superior Court of Quebec on behalf of the complainant Mitchell Schurbach (was member of a Quebec poker forum?).To date, according to lawyer Jeff Orenstein, there would be $ 15 million in the Canadian accounts of Full Tilt Poker. Maybe less, if several players withdrew their bankroll after April 15.

According to the article, the initiator of the lawsuit would have between 1 and $5 into their Full Tilt account. His lawyer said: "he however spoke with other Full Tilt Poker players who have tens of thousands of dollars in their account, said his lawyer Jeff Orenstein. It is expected that the majority of the people affected by the lawsuit have a few dollars in their account, but it is precisely the purpose of a class action."

But it is a matter of principle. Several others have tens of thousands of dollars in their account, but our account either in the 2 or 5 digits should make no difference. The principle is that players should be able to withdraw their funds when good seems to them.

Prior to be heard on its merits, the lawsuit shall be examined and authorized by the superior court.A similar lawsuit was made to the United States recently and U.S. Attorney has managed to make an agreement with Full Tilt Poker so they can repay the players. However, to date, no dollar has yet been repaid.

The announcement of the lawsuit filed this morning reads as follows:

Group of consumers Inc. Announces the filing of a national lawsuit against Full Tilt Poker

Montreal, Sept. 9. 2011/CNW Telbec /-right of consumers Inc. announced today the filing at the Superior Court of Quebec of a national class action proposed against Full Tilt Poker on behalf of people who have funds in their accounts of Full Tilt Poker players.

The lawsuit involves illegal Full Tilt Poker of money from clients gel which is kept in accounts of players available via www.fulltiltpoker.com website.

Since June 30, 2011, after that their gaming license has been suspended, Full Tilt has closed its halls of maps on the internet all players (U.S. residents had been blocked since April 15).

From this moment, Full Tilt Poker did not Canadian players to make requests, denying them access to their accounts of players and their own funds.

Anyone who has the money held in their account of Player Full Tilt, please contact with our office at 1-888-909-7863 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Alternatively, please fill in the form to the address http://www.clg.org/Recours-Collectif/Liste-des-recours-collectifs/Full-Tilt-Poker-recours-collectif-national.

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