Computer scientists engaged via a game of poker

All do not see poker as a creature of the demon.  Indeed, some see also like us, i.e. as a complex game combining fun, strategy, skill, psychology, mathematics, logic, imagination, chance, probability and much more still. These others include ADDITEAM, a consulting and company services in software engineering and information systems. Several positions remain to be filled in this undertaking and it is a poker tournament that future employees will be selected.

This week, President Director General of Additeam told media the reasons for its attractiveness to poker. This is not the first time that a company used the poker as a criterion for hiring. In November, the Agency H had used the same technique.


Trust in the post (, the CEO explained his approach:

"In total the company is looking to recruit 60 people between June and December. But all are not selected via the poker tournament."

Later he explained: "the evening poker will be held June 17 at the Appart'City Lafayette, in Paris." They must all be computer scientists. Fresh out of school or even some seasoned professional is important. [...] The first win no money but rather sympathetic lots, as the IPod. [...] The tournament is more original and user-friendly method of coming in contact with our potential collaborators. [...] The choice of poker appeared as obvious, our employees often have a 'geek' profile and attend many online games sites. Organize a poker tournament is a good way to get in touch with them."

According to them, poker is a game perfect for the qualities and defects of each of the applicants. The quality of the game of each participant will be also taken into account of course.

Poker is a way of knowing a person's personality traits. How control the pressure? How does it behave after a badbeat? Is talkative or silent around the table? There the spirit of competition? Take the game seriously, or is it only for making jokes? Is it able to quickly study his opponents? How it uses the information that it has to make the right decisions?

Interested persons were invited (our cousins European obviously) to submit their resume online from May 23 to June 5. The forty first applicants will then gathered around a table game June 17.

By performing a Google search, we found other similar cases where a company hired employees through a poker tournament.

Revolutionary new method or simple straw fire?

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