Daniel Negreanu challenge Gus Hansen!

High Stakes Cash games regulars will remember this hand:

Nothing extraordinary; a square cooler vs full house! But this hand, Daniel and Gus in hear much about. Recently on Twitter a bit to tease Daniel, Gus Hansen launched the following tip: "Hey @RealKidPoker do you remember this hand? " http://t.co/BsakRJXa2o - is what I soon get another chance from you again poking your money ;-)"

Following this "attack", Daniel and Gus have exchanged several friendly tweets. A little later, Negreanu has decided to launch a challenge to Gus: a duel between Team PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker team.

He also made a video blog where he explains in detail:

Therefore, Daniel defies Gus and his 2 partners (Tom Dwan and Viktor Blom) in a series of heads up. The heads up will be in line, but also live while players will face to face physically in the same room, on the sidelines of the EPT London.

Negreanu is also seeking your advice for the choice of his teammates. To date, the two most credible candidates would be Isaac Haxton and Vanessa Selbst.

Gus has accepted the challenge with only downside that it should speak to his 2 colleagues. But we are in the opinion of Gus both young players are surely not very difficult to convince!

The challenge will take place next month!

PokerCollectif will give you the details in due time!

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