Drugs and drugs to improve his performance in poker?

In an interview, the members of PokerCollectif to whom I asked the question significantly replied the same thing; to play poker, I need my head. By "toute ma tête", these players wanted to say fasting, "well rested, full belly, the clear head, no stress, no tilt". When you multi-table high stakes, each error is very expensive and the player must be very alert. On the other hand, are there many players who use drugs/drugs playing? The peculiarity of the game versus the game LIVE online is that nobody is there for us monitor. I could be doing me with a line of coke on my desk playing 12 tables and no alert me that this practice is illegal. Making live errors on 1 table can be expensive. But the fact of making drunken mistakes on 12 tables can be even more. Have you ever lost a portion of your bankroll because you had all your head?

Openly, I rarely heard poker players admit they took a any substance. Yet, the Associate Professor of pharmacy, Dr Clauson, presented at the annual meeting of the College of pharmacists to San Antonio a study revealing that a majority of poker players use drugs/medications/vitamins and other substances to improve their performance. According to this study, 80% of the surveyed players admit to taking other psychoactive substances. 71% of the surveyed players use caffeine and 51% of the energy drinks. So far, nothing too serious even if we know that in the long term, these two products can give the heart diseases. On the other hand, 34% of respondents say consume cannabis, 30% alcohol and 8% of the cocaine.

Several substances may seem mundane here (like coffee), but still, it should be noted that 28% of all respondents admit consuming drugs to improve their concentration and their results.

Also note that 46% of the players who responded to this survey take dietary supplements to improve their performance as the vitamin B12 in guarana, Ginkgo biloba of ephedra, ginseng, melatonin, etc.

The majority of respondents are men between 20 and 30 years. 37% of these players were recreational players, 35% of the semi-professionals and 25% of them, according to their professionals. 67% were only playing poker online, 18% only live and 15% were a mixed of both.Among these men, it was Americans, Canadians and Europeans.

I do not know if objectively, some medications can improve your results I do not know if studies confirm this assertion. Common sense tells me however that nothing beats a good night's sleep to counter sleep and will not be replaced by 2 espresso or 1 energy drink.

On PokerCollectif forums, you will be able to share your own experiences about drugs/medications/vitamins, etc. The goal here is not to judge, but to understand and share its experiences. Share your opinions against this new here: http://forum.pokercollectif.com/poker-general/31641-nouvelle-pc-des-drogues-et-medicaments-pour-ameliorer-ses-performances-au-poker.html


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