Gutshot Straight: A new poker movie to be released in September

In recent years, several films have as main topic the poker or Casino appeared. Unfortunately for poker enthusiasts, these films have not been the success expected. Let's just say that they were not as striking as Rounders.

Recently, it was announced the upcoming release of another film dealing with poker: Gutshot Straight, with Steven Seagal.

The scenario is known:

"A professional poker player, Jack Daniel, ends up struggling with the underworld after accepting a bet with Duffy, a mysterious gambler. To protect his family, Jack needs to be smarter than the cunning brother of Duffy, Lewis, and his wife May, which try each force him to kill the other. Jack is then call to Paulie Trunks, a loan shark to recover its debts of poker but who wishes to protect its investment."

For those who have difficulty to follow, be aware that George Eads, in an interview, offers a much more straightforward account of the film:

"It's about a compulsive gambler, a degen, a lover of the danger. He was born like that. It leads him to accept proposals that it should not and he finds himself caught in the middle of a strange canvas".

As mentioned above, the release is scheduled for next September and nothing is official yet.

In the meantime, here is one of the trailers posted on YouTube to give you a taste.

Gutshot Straight: A new poker movie to be released in September


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