Lack of sleep harming your poker!


To be winning Poker, several factors must be met. Among other things, you must always be on top of your form when you play; You must have a clear mind, have eaten well, do not be stressed, do not be concerned about your problems, be seated comfortably and be shaped, that is, having had a good night's sleep.

As we know, the fatigue has similar effects in humans with alcohol; our reflexes are slower, our mind works less quickly, etc.


A study published in the Journal of Neuroscience dated March 8 informs us of an another similarity between fatigue and being in drink; our taste for risk becomes greater. I do not know about you, but with a few drinks in the body, we are less risk averse risk facing. It is not for nothing that many casinos serve alcohol for free to some of their customers: they become less rational, calculate less and become more "gambler". Lack of sleep nuierait in cognitive including vigilance, learning memory and rationality in decision making.

According to this study by researchers at Duke University in the United States, when you are tired, your attention decreases and your taste for risk (gambling increases). The player who will lose out during the session, for example, will not seek to erase its losses, but wish to take more risks to make profits. According to the researchers, tired topics "fight fatigue by looking for gains without worrying about the impact of potential losses". And this isn't a few cups of coffee and a few glasses of energy drink that will fill your lack of sleep.

It is the findings of a study conducted in 29 individuals. Players who had a good night's sleep were closely watching their losses and trying to earn money with care. As for those who had not slept, they were more in need of strong emotions (taken from big risks for greater gains). The results obtained by the imagery by magnetic resonance and other tests have shown that the part of the brain that is stimulated when the loss of money of a person would be less active when it would have a great need of sleep. In other words, tired subjects would be a little more indifferent to losses.

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