ME WSOP 2013: Jay Farber bought a Ferrari and an Aston Martin

Last week, Ryan Riess won the Main Event of the WSOP while Jay Farber was 2nd and pocketed 1 million$.

A week later, after announcing its intention to buy two luxury cars, Farber realized one of his dreams: owning a Ferrari and an Aston Martin.

Read estimated Farber should be remove 39% of his purse by the U.S. tax authorities. After this deduction, it's 3 m$ that will remain it in his pocket and with whom Farber has already many projects.

In an interview before the cameras of TMZ, he said he would buy a Ferrari, a House and an Aston Martin that he would offer as a gift to his father. For the curious, here's the video:

What do you think of these purchases? Is it better quickly enjoy or be more reasonable and put money aside for old age?

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