Nobody answers the call of jungleman12 for his challenge


PokerCollectif had mentioned you the month passed on his Facebook: Daniel "jungleman" Cates had launched a challenge to all! The purpose was to challenge him heads up December 6, 2011 during a cash games with blinds at 200euros/400euros (and have a minimum buy-in of 100,000 euros). The part should be played live in Prague, but lack of opponent, has been cancelled. What jungleman had probably not thought is that currently, stand the biggest cash games in the world to Macao.



Between go play the businessmen inexperienced and probably a bit drunk and play jungleman, the choice is not difficult.

This challenge has been canceled, but the organizers have nonetheless transformed the event into cash games with blinds at 100euros and 200euros. This cash game played yesterday (Tuesday). For those interested, you could follow the action on two sites: and The players cards were visible. To protect the integrity of the cash game, broadcast images had a delay of 15 minutes.

Which was part of the table? Luke "FullFlush" Schwartz, Eoghan O'Dea, Tobias Reinkemeier, Jan Barta and other players. The minimum buy-in for this cash game was of 50 big blinds.

Here is just a video with FullFlush jungleman who tell us about their preparation a little before the cash game.

For the moment, the results are not yet known, but PokerCollectif will give you the last days of these games when they are known.

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