Phil Galfond leaves the Blue Fire Poker team

phil-galfond-quitte-blue-fire-pokerThis weekend, Phil Galfond announced that he was leaving the Blue Fire Poker team. In a letter to the community, Phil Galfond thanked the members who have made him a better coach and, therefore, a MVP:

Hi guys,.
Where should I start? There is not so many options in fact, so I'll start with the reason of this message and from there:

As of today, the path of and me separate. It is very difficult to move away from something that I helped to build from the beginning, but the most difficult aspect is the fact that I will miss the community... members and fellow coaches. Be aware that it was a very difficult decision that haunted me since very, very long time. I am sorry to not be able to comment further.

Thanks to coaches who have joined our team, especially the small group who began the journey with me: Jason, Giggy, Niman, and Don. I am extremely proud of the videos that we have as a team over the past three years.

For members who hears me every week for my videos, I thank you. I hope that I was able to improve your game as much as I tried to do during the term of your membership. I really enjoyed sharing my ideas with you, and I always tried very hard to make sure that you get the maximum.

I believe that the best way to teach and learn, is by ideas, the thought process, and constantly ask you... not not by absolute statements. I got u n duty to share fully in the way I think about the game, which includes uncertainty, but initially, I was worried about how this would be received:
"I thought Phil was supposed to teach us. Why doubt you it of the best way to play half the time? "

I started trying to be more certain, but my constant questioning to myself quickly emerged. Once I saw how you have responded well to this doubt, I felt very confident to teach the way that I felt the better: by openly sharing my ideas, my thought process, my mistakes.

The point is that Members here have helped me become a better coach, and, consequently, a better player. So, thank you. Thank you all for the comments, criticisms and questions about my videos and blogs. I really enjoy teaching poker and your comments have made it so much more rewarding for me. I can not tell you how much I appreciate all those who regularly gave their opinion.

As you know, I always tried to teach ways to think about the game, rather than simply advice or tips. If I succeeded, I hope that you will be able to take these tools and continue to grow. You'll just need to find someone else who repeats continuously how he does not understand his HUD and tell you to "take care of you" each week.

For members, I will make last four videos, and then you say goodbye. I would try to customize these last four as much as possible for you, so please tell me exactly what you want or what topic you want to hear me speak.

I'll stop my blog on Blue Fire Poker from now. I do not know if I will continue blogging somewhere, but for now you can follow me on Twitter at I'll work a little harder to keep you updated.

So, I assume... that this is goodbye.

Good luck guys, and take care of you.

So far, Blue Fire Poker has not made formal announcement. It should take place by the end of the week.

You can comment on the new by clicking on the following link: Phil Galfond leaves the Blue Fire Poker team


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