Phil Ivey in guilty party of the vexations of Full Tilt Poker

This is a long post of "Hdemet" (which would be Harry Demetriou) on Twoplustwo which launched the history.

Jeff Iffrah, one of the lawyers representing Full Tilt, also appeared on another discussion on the 2 + 2 and tried to answer the many questions of players seeking especially to know if they have a chance to revisit their money frozen in their Full Tilt account. You can read his posts at the following address:

In his post, Harry Demetriou made a summary of the story in the saga Full Tilt Poker and gives us some additional and interesting information. The author places however a downside: some details are Yes-statements and are not necessarily genuine 100%.

According to his post:

The agreement initial after black friday which everyone spoke and which targeted British players and some other countries was rejected by Full Tilt Poker because it did not involve repayment of US players. The investor in question which is named "MB" (no, it is not Montgomery Burn here) could be according to some sources, Matthew Benham, a former trader of the City of London and the owner of Smartodds.

Subsequently, three other investors made their appearance and one of them would have been presented by Phil Ivey (who was to receive an interesting commission if resulted in an agreement and which subsequently was meant to go and join the PokerStars stable according to the same post).

Following the rejection of the offer of Ivey, Ivey would have "fact its prima donna, shunned and attacked Full Tilt to justice. As you know, probably in revenge, Phil Ivey sued FT and puts them in the crap. To get sympathy, Ivey had even decided to boycott the WSOP by issuing a statement in which he defended the poker players who had funds frozen in FT: "I am deeply disappointed and embarrassed that Fulltilt Poker has still not paid the money owed to the players. I am also embarrassed, as a result, many players may not participate in tournaments and have suffered economic injury. I will not participate in the World Series of Poker because I do not believe it is fair that I am able to y compete so that others cannot. I'm doing everything I can to find a solution to the problem as quickly as possible."

Obviously, investors subsequently withdrew because things were really very good. Demetriou mentions how much FT will have adverse consequences on the part of the Department of Justice (DoJ) and it is possible that Howard Lederer and Chris "Jesus" Ferguson are dragged to justice.

Further reads that a secret investor, named "JB" (possibly Jack Binion, the magnate of casinos according to other sources) would have made an offer which would have made everyone's, but it has subsequently withdrawn given the vagaries of Phil Ivey.
With regard to positive statements, he says that Full Tilt Poker is about to conclude an agreement with the DoJ in relation to their fine and that this agreement would make jealous other poker rooms online, if cela came to be made public.

The CEO of France Télécom, Ray Bitar, will relinquish his post once an investor will be found (which is not a scoop).

Please note indicative that the hearing will resume on 15 September (date to which we will have more details on the future of Full Tilt Poker).PokerCollectif will keep you abreast of any development there.

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