Poker Secrets: A new documentary on poker

A new documentary on poker is now available. Originally, the documentary is German, entitled Von sharks und Fischen (fish and sharks). The documentary became known for la francophonie recently because it aired on Arte there this shortly with the translation "Secrets of poker".

Secrets of poker is as follows: "Ingo is student and very gifted for poker. He plans to become a professional or semi-professional player. Alex engages in the same game, but only at his home and in his spare time. Professional players, Sheep, juice and Waiman live together in an apartment in Malta, and spend their nights on the Internet. How can they guess the behaviour of their opponents without seeing? With the German Sandra Naujoks, is a player of exception which is presented to us on the occasion of the final of the European Poker Tour in Monte-Carlo."

The 55 minute documentary seeks to understand the excitement that young people have for poker. Director, Rolf Wolkenstein is himself player poker for more than 30 years, which explains the absence of frequent false commonplaces in this kind of work. The documentary addresses several themes and note that poker enthusiasts are not only the obsessed by money (even if the money is obviously one of the main reasons that someone is playing poker), but also lovers of competitions, players in the competitive sense, dual fans.

Secrets of poker is also interested in the qualities that make a player a winning player. Why some players win and other lose? That the winner is different from the loser? The author also States the impact of the chance in a poker player's career.

In Secrets of poker, we are witnessing the daily lives of a few friends, lovers and poker pros, we follow Sandra Naujoks course, Team PokerStars pro, we are entitled to some interviews from Gus Hansen and Daniel Negreanu, brief multiple ingredients that make it a pleasant listen.

The interesting point of the documentary is that it is more complete than others. It is aimed at the beginner and advanced player. It explains the difference between the cash games and tournaments, talking about pot odds, explains that online poker has its advantages (particularly because you can use software that allow us to record the trends of our opponents), we talk about "tells" that can see when we play live poker, explains the importance of the mental game and his bankroll management when we play as a pro and less than gambling. The goal is not to judge the young and less young who play poker, but to understand the phenomenon.

Here is the original announcement (in German of course):

{youtube} 6hcxPVi1Yq4 {/ YouTube}

Duration: 55 min. (10:25 - 11:20 pm)

Release: High definition

Encryption: Clear

Genre: Docu-info - discovery

Origin: Germany

Year of completion: 2011

Teletext: N.c.realisation: Rolf S. Wolkenstein

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