Poker live vs. online: which is the more pleasant?

Poker is a particular game. As you know, several disciplines come into play in this game (mathematics, psychology, probability) and money involved makes sure it is distinguished from many other types of games. Some play just to accumulate money, others, for the simple pleasure (recreational players or the fishs as good players like to call them).

And some play to meet people, to socialize. For this reason, they prefer the live poker online poker. Both versions of the game (live and online) offer each benefit and the various disadvantages and most importantly, different characteristics. Each style attracts his player profile.

A recent published study dated December 19 on the Spanish site says that online poker would be more exciting than live poker, but that it would be less pleasant than live poker.

According to this study, which is based on figures of the Online Gaming Tracking (ONGAT), 34.9% of players play poker just for fun and not for money. According to this study, there are about 5% of players who attend more than 4 poker rooms.

According to players, money games have positive influences on them and combine several themes: emotions, pleasure, entertainment, luck, profits. The fact that poker can teach us specific skills is not named because the questionnaire focuses on the money in particular games and not Poker precisely.

Speaking of gambling, the most popular games are sports betting which accounted for 79% of followers. Poker has 66% and 52% casinos. If the total exceeds 100% is that a player can both play poker, casino and sports betting.

A striking quote from the study is as follows: "the online game is considered to be less fun than the game live (circle or casino) but is a major vector of emotion. Because many consider it as more accessible and yet, more attractive than the live game. "Today, the main handicap which still suffers the online game is linked a defiance traditionally associated with the transactions on the Internet". Short, some people have not yet trusted poker sites online and are afraid of getting scammed in online transactions.

On one side it says that live poker is more fun than online poker, but on the other hand, some subjects in the study say play poker online for fun! Why not play live in this case? Accessibility is probably an important part of the answer! The proximity also!

It would be interesting to see the percentage of pros lives versus the percentage of pros online!

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