Some news about Phil Ivey

The year began very well for Phil Ivey, who began in the 800K red $. Nothing dramatic for the one that many consider one of the best players in the world. Today, it is winner of 1. $5M. Even if the year ended today, it would not be a bad year admit? Especially that this money has been made in relatively few hands: 13 399. "The majority of his money was made against sharks in online poker, what is not nothing: Daniel"jungleman12"Cates and Scott" URnotINdanger "Palmer". 1 M$ took only these two players.

Since 2007, Phil Ivey has almost 20 M$ in earnings in cash game. In addition, during his career, Phil Ivey has accumulated more than $13 500 000 gain in tournament.

Palmarès of Phil Ivey online since 2007 earnings:

Year 2007: $1.994.049
Year 2008: $7.335.112
Year 2009: $6.337.702
Year 2010: $2.239.568
Year 2011: $1.553.506 (in progress)

This week, we learned that the @philivey account came to be confirmed as authentic. The account was created in 2009, but no one knew if it was really Phil Ivey, who was at the origin of the account. Several celebrities have false accounts of small comic having fun to pass them to get attention. It's now official. 50,000 people already subscribed to his tweets.

Above is a picture of Phil Ivey posted on his Twitter while he is hard at work; 2 tables on Full Tilt Poker and a few TVs open for, probably to follow the results of the parties on which he bet. In addition to being a poker enthusiast, Phil Ivey is also a great amateur sport and, by ricochet, a pro in sports betting.

Another new Ivey, it will soon launch its official website: The title of the site "Now I m going to teach the whole world to win at poker" (now I'll teach the world how to win at poker). For the moment, we have no idea of the content to come, but something certain, our curiosity is large. PokerCollectif will keep you informed when the information will be known.

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