The Grind, a new web series!

Another web series about poker joins the other series such as Bullets (whose comments were quite mixed); The Grind, a series about poker and Black Friday.

The pilot episode is quite simple: it follows a group of poker players from the United States in their daily lives and private Poker parties. Everything is going well in their lives up to what an important event happens to them. You guessed it as Black Friday. The series will show us how the characters will evolve following Black Friday, which prevents them from doing what they love to play poker.

After Bet Raise Fold, All In The Poker Movie, Drawing Dead, and Bullets, The Grind is the new production of Hometown Hero Productions and AutenNotDolt Productions.

As a reminder, a teaser had been published on the Internet:

as well as a trailer:

Yet, we let our readers judge the quality and relevance of this series. Note however the passage that technically, this amateur production surprises even if it does not escape the clichés of this kind of series.

Hope that in the upcoming episodes, fuzzy points of the pilot is defining.

For the curious, here's the episode pilot of the series in their entirety.

In the meantime other episodes, discuss this new web series on our forums: The Grind, a new web series!


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