The documentary BOOM will be released in November!

Almost 1 year ago, Jay Rosenkrantz alias "Krantz" learned us that he was working on a documentary about online poker. In this regard, he explains: "our goal: use key events to make the Chronicle of the evolution of online poker and examine the impact on some players from around the world." We will explore the nuances of the subculture, Twoplustwo forums, coaching sites, in addition to treating the psychological implication of the lifestyle of the player in online poker. We will also see the themes that have made it so popular poker through time. "We are ambitious – it will be a film about the pursuit of true freedom through the ups and downs of professional players".

Funds for this documentary come entirely from players of high stakes and influential people in the poker community.

BOOM The Incredible True Story of Online Poker", traces and explains the history of the poker industry, from its beginnings to the explosion of poker online... passing through Black Friday and its consequences on the lives of the players.

We learned today that the film will be released in November: "we put an edition to the Sundance South by Southwest festival which will take place mid-November. While waiting for their response, we continue to make changes to the film, touch wood. ». has said Rosenkrantz on his blog.

If the film is 'deemed worthy"to be shown in festivals, and is welcomed by critics and the public, it can then be purchased, and circulated in the halls, explains co-producer of BOOM before ending:"one of our priorities is to ensure that the film sort of time and reaches a global audience.

In the meantime, here again the trailer of the film:

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