The overdose of poker of Dusty "leatherass" Schmidt

Poker is a game exciting, but very demanding for the brain and very stressful (especially when we play 12 tables of high limits for example). The brain must be perfectly concentrated on the action and every mistake, every distraction is transformed into monetary losses.

In a recent blog posted at BlueFirePoker, Dusty Schmidt, better known under the pseudonym "Leatherass" on PokerStars tables, recounts his experience of the last years as a poker player. Already more than 8 years ago that Dusty plays poker online recognized to be a solid multi-tableurs with constant revenues (according to his account, he has known very few losers months). It is part of the few players to have crossed the 1 M$ in poker winnings. For some time, he is also coach for the team of BlueFirePoker. He specializes in parts of No Limit Hold'em 6max, midstakes.

Today, he tells us his story: "this intense activity has enabled me to read and process information at breakneck speed. I became capable of taking a subject that I do not know and understand quickly and to acquire a significant level of expertise in a very short time."

Dusty tells us that he spent a psychiatric assessment because poker it anguish at several levels. The fear of failure, the stress of the game, the fear of no longer being able to multi - tabler with as much ease as in past years. This stress had a negative impact on his relationship with his wife and children. He has been prescribing some drugs, but wanted to learn more about his State of mind. The human being was failed to be sitting 8 hours on a Chair to click buttons.

He continued: "after hearing of exciting things on my brain, I then got the bad news. Poker puts your brain in such stress that it is not viable in the long term. I was told that if I decided to play like that all my life, I would surely do a stroke aged 50. They told me that the human brain had simply not capacity to hold more than 8 hours per day to the multitabling. Play poker in this way was one of the worst things to suffer in his brain and his body."

Dusty will not leave the poker, but will review his schedule. It provides play 5-10 hours per week doing sessions of 2 hours.

Several authors who have written about poker have said before us, to perform Poker, it is important to have a life balanced (eat well, take breaks, short sessions, see his friends, go out, etc). That's why Dusty wants also intersect its sessions of poker of sessions of physical exercise to keep in shape. Perhaps that better dosing poker in his life, things will go better for him.

No need to say that if he had taken drugs to enhance his performance and its concentration, the State of his brain would probably have been worse.

To furnish the other hours of his time, Dusty continues to work on a contract for the publication for a book of golf. He was also very pleased to be working on something that has no link with the poker. To read his blog, one realizes that his passion is probably the golf before the poker. From 2014, it promises to play a much more regular basis.

In closing, Dusty recommends that you visit for all those who would have similar problems to his own. According to him, this is your best option!

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