Tom Dwan is not part of the best poker players as Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu is one of the best-known personalities in the world of poker. He is known and recognized for several reasons and one of them is his outspokenness. Daniel loves comment on several topics and gives his opinion on just about everything in that wants to hear it.

Recently in an interview with, Daniel was making statements which will perhaps be unanimity.

Questioned about the best players in the world according to him, he does not hesitate to say that Ben Sulsky, Viktor Blom, and Phil Ivey are part of the lot, point on which many will agree.

But later he added: "I don't think that Tom Dwan is part of the best players in the world. I don't even know if it has already been. He took the stripe after his appearances in High Stakes Poker where he was in a good time and where he played well, but to be honest, he spent enough time to play and to work his game today to include au gratin [...] The best players are rubbing their hands at the prospect of playing Dwan heads-up currently.

It also think Jason "klink10k" MB which had already declared that Tom Dwan would probably dominate by any good player winner on tables $ 5 / $ 10 Hold'em ' no limit.

To clarify his point, Negreanu adds: "many players as Dwan, Phil Galfond and Dang brothers is are not walked a path to the step by step heights. '' They just had enough money to deal with Guy Laliberté and they have all taken a share of its 17 millions of dollars of losses. Any player who would have had the means to participate in these parts would have earned that money. »

Negreanu recalls having already played heads-up a few years ago against Ben Sulsky on PokerStars tables. During this duel, Negreanu explained that he was very often involved in complicated situations. Sulsky him put a lot of pressure and required it to take tough decisions. Negreanu is unclear if it was clearly dominate or Sulsky was simply on a large sequence of hands. One thing is certain: Sulsky had the best on Negreanu.

Negreanu concludes with praise on Ivey and Blom: ' Viktor has a tracker in his head! It is like a robot who feels things and plays based on his feelings. From this point of view, it is very close to Phil Ivey. They did not need math, they play based on what they see.

What do you think of the judgment of Negreanu? Is his analysis valid? Is Tom Dwan an If average player Negreanu understood?

As a result of these comments, it will be interesting to read the comments and reactions of Dwan. What will be his reaction? Will it launch a challenge to Negreanu? PokerCollectif will give you all the details if applicable.

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