The Mental Game of Poker; Finally available in french!

In July 2011, PokerCollectif published a review of The Mental Game of Poker by Jared Tendler.

Shortly after its publication, this book was already a classic in the genre. As it has often been said, made to a certain level to the poker, the advantage will be on our opponents will be not so much our knowledge theoretical game, but although our discipline, our mental game.

Several members of our community have read it, but many have not read, not lack of interest, but because of the language barrier.

So now that the book is available in french, directly on the site of the author.

To purchase the book in print, you can buy it directly from Jared.

If the electronic version suits you better, you can buy it on Amazon site.

In addition, for a limited time, PokerCollectif members will have a discount of 20% on the paper. It will be to enter the code ZE9Z44FX when you make your purchase.

You can discuss this book on our forum subsequently: The Mental Game of Poker; now available in french!