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PokerTracker 3 (PT3)

Overview of PokerTracker
The team behind the design of PokerTracker probably revolutionized their way online poker by launching, in 2002, the first tracking software. Things have greatly evolved since and tracking software became the norm for most serious poker players. Tracking software allow to treat the history of each of the hands you play, allowing to collect information on your opponents and yourselves. Users are able to follow their own results and accumulate statistics on each of their opponents in real time, enabling better discover your errors and better identify those of your opponents.

By combining these statistics in a HUD (heads-up Display), players can view real-time statistics of each of the players on the table in order to make a more informed decision.

PokerTracker installation:
The installation is usually done without too much trouble. If there is problem, it is usually during installation (postgreSQL) database management software.
Once the software is installed, the "Setup Wizard" allows you to configure the various sites on which you play in order to make them compatible with PokerTracker so the software can detect new hand histories.

Ease of use:
Despite the complexity of the software, PokerTracker is very easy to use. The interface is simple and aesthetic and the instructions are clear and complete. Once configured, you will find the software easy to use.

Once PokerTracker running, you will start to collect data and will have access to as much inombrabre of reports and statistics. Make an exhaustive list of all the functionality of PokerTracker would be too long, but in summary, you can filter the statistics to verify specific situations, to see your best and worst hands, your best and worst opponents. You will also have the opportunity to update your statistics in graphical form.

The HUD is probably the most interesting tool of this software. Despite the fact that most users will keep the default configuration, PokerTracker to configure HUD according to your tastes and allows to have any statistics in both real on each of your opponents when you play. As PokerTracker is similar to Hold'Em Manager, you can remove valuable information on the capabilities of PokerTracker by reading our "series of article on Hold'Em Manager".

PokerTracker has also an add - on (TableTracker) to make a better selection of table. This software application, on the other hand, a monthly subscription.

Supported sites:
PokerTracker supports many sites: PokerStars, FullTilt Poker, Party Poker, Ipoker, Cereus, Microgaming, Ongame, Everest Poker, 888 Poker, Cake Network, Entraction, Bodog, Boss Media, Merge, WSEX,, EspaceJeux... all major networks are supported!

Variations and types of games supported:
PokerTracker can be used in tournament in cashgame. PokerTracker Hold 'Em supports, of course, Hold' Em, then Omaha players can use PokerTracker - Omaha. Stud players can use PokerTracker StudManager. PokerTracker is working on a version for the Mixed Games, which should see the day aware of 2011.

Mise - à-jour / support:
PokerTracker has always had excellent support, but for a long time, they simply make minor updates on their software. They lost a lot of market share to the benefit of HoldEm Manager, who was much more pro-active and taking one step ahead on PokerTracker.

Since then, PokerTracker readjusted the shooting by launching version 3 of its software and thus resumed the lost time. Choose between HoldEm Manager and PokerTracker now rests only on the personal user tastes, since both programs do the same thing.

PokerTracker is a great essential product for all serious poker players.