An insurance broker steals its customers to play poker

News PokerCollectif keep you abreast of events in the poker world, but from time to time, provides information also on somewhat less 'serious' topics say, but still worthy of mention. Today, a story saying a little unusual.

Daniel j Trolaro is an insurance broker that is respected in the thirties. It is competent and his career is promising. He worked for Prudential Insurance in Oakland in New Jersey.

In 2007, he watches a film that would change his life; Rounders, with Matt Damon and Edward Norton. One of the most famous movies about poker in which two young men want to make a fortune through parts of poker through the country.

Probably a bit naive man imagines that this is what he needed as knowledge poker for beat parts of high stakes online.

Between 2008 and 2010, the broker has stripped its customers to play online poker. It directly paid the money of its customers on gaming sites where he played Blackjack and poker at the highest limits.

The total of its losses amounted to almost 2 M$ 1, 5 M$ lost to online poker. We imagine that he had to the joy of many. A player of high stakes without in-depth knowledge of the poker which, session after session, gave his money to the best players in its tables. The man did not accept one of the most famous lesson of the film that caused its loss: "If after 1 hour you do as still not spotted the"fish"on your table, it is that you're the fish from the table".

He then tried to rebuild its losses. He therefore "borrowed" an additional$ 310,000, but this was obviously without success for him.

Surprisingly, the 35-year-old man was mentally deficient diagnosique by doctors who examined him. Daniel j Trolaro must (ignoring how) repay the 2 M$ to his employer. He will also spend the next 6 years in prison.

The Prudential company meanwhile has compensated customers abused by the fraudster.

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