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A man who wanted to play poker in a casino in Australia is sitting at a table of poker for about 17 hours. Obviously, this is not common thing, but this is even less when it sends an average of 2.5 beers per hour for these 17 hours (probably a Scotty Nguyen emule).

Casino Star City in Sydney, Australia has a fixed rule on this subject: no person shall consume 42 beers by 17-hour cycle. Past this number, the casino shall refuse to serve alcohol to his client or expel them where customers would be too pushy. Thereon, in 2008, the casino has also expelled over 6500 customers who demanded too strongly to be still be used to drink.

The casino which therefore did not follow this regulation is fined $ 10,000. In its defence, the casino pretext that the man had a "poker face" which prevented him from realizing that the man could have already all drank. For his good conduct during the past years, the casino has been granted a flat on the fine to pay, even if the judge had not acceded to the explanation of the "poker face".

Finally, 3 servers that were used to drink the player were all transferred from their jobs.

You can RI of this fact on the Poker collective forums: 42 beers in 17 in a casino.


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