Nanonoko wants to become a Supernova Elite before the end of the world

Randy Lew aka "Nanonoko" (which literally means nano-child) is a Team PokerStars pro known for his skills in multi - tabler. To prove this, in January 2012, he had made a world record (present in the Guinness world records book) playing 23,493 hands in eight hours while being in the profits. To do this, he had to play between 35 and 40 tables for 8 hours. He began poorly session losing quickly $ 1200, but it was then better adapted. It ended its session in the positive $ 7.65 (not to mention many accumulated FPPs).

Not so surprising that Randy is Supernova Elite for a few years already (nanonoko is Supernova Elite since 2007).

Humorous title, Randy has released a video recently in which he launched a challenge before the December 21 (date of the end of the world).

Before we proceed with the details, here is the video in question:

So, from December 12 to Friday, December 21, Randy should accumulate 73,185 vpps to become Supernova Elite before the end of the world. To carry out his project, he will have to play 24 tables of 6-max during about 10 hours per day.

Currently, its progress can be followed on Twitter. To this day, Randy has already accumulated 53,000 vpps! It still only 20,000 vpp earning in 3 days to accomplish its objective. He admits however reduced its volume of game by exhaustion.

You can follow him on Twitter at @nanonoko.

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