Owa Troopers Unlawfully Seized Cash

Walking around with $ 100,000 with you is not illegal, but, certainly, this is not recommended. This is what two poker players, William Davis and John Newmerzhycky learned at their expense.

The two poker players originating from California returned home after attending the World Series Of Poker Circuit in Illinois.

While they passed through Iowa, they were intercepted by the Iowa State Patrol.

The story in question takes place April 15, 2013. The two poker players are crossing the territory of Iowa. Players who were in a red rental car have had the misfortune to follow by police who followed their car because a reporting corresponding to a red car had been issued, simply.

Police seeking a pretext to stop the vehicle and eventually find one: they "forgot" to put their flasher.

That is what the police camera has captured:

When police questioned the young men, they are asked if they have cash or drugs. They say no and it was a bad idea because after research by sniffer dogs, a bit of cannabis was found in the car and $ 100,020 liquid in a bag in the trunk.

According to the two men, the police had absolutely no right to search their car and it is an unconstitutional action.

Finally, the two poker players were able to recover only $ 90,000 of the $ 100,020 they had in their possession.

The two men, John and William hope today relief. John says: "they have destroyed my life, destroyed my reputation, destroyed my health. '' It's that little time after the incident, it made an heart attack.

You should know that this team of Iowa, between 2011 and 2013, grabbed 7 M$ silver liquid and 18 M$ Drug! Besides weapons, non-taxed cigarettes and stolen phones.

If you want more details on this story, you can read the article by USA Today.

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