Rumor: Tom Dwan would have lost more than 4 M$ in 1 session

Tom Dwan was probably the first stars of poker online. The results of his early games at Full Tilt Poker are amazing.

On the other hand, since little, things don't go very well for Dwan.

First, we know that he is still involved in a heads up duel against Daniel Cates alias jungleman12. Those who have followed somewhat the duel know that Cates has a good head start on Dwan and that its larger places widely favourite to win this duel.

To date, 20,000 hands have been played on the planned 50,000 and Cates has already earned 1. 4 M$. In addition to playing against a visibly stronger than her opponent, Dwan will have more need to replace 1, 5 M$ to jungleman12 50,000 hands if at the end, he lost at least $ 1 (which, if the trend continues, should be the case).

This is who can perhaps explain in part the fact that 2 years later, this duel is still not finished.

In addition to his duel with Cates is going not too well, Dwan also has an another downswing to manage these days, this one in cash games lives in Macau.

The image accompanying this article is a tweet from Tom that speaks of its biggest losing session lifetime. Even if no other detail is provided, presumably that Dwan has lost a little more than 4 M$.

In 2009, if we remember well, Dwan had lost a little more than 2 M$ on FTP tables against isildur1, which already gives us a clue.

But it is a publication of Card Player who says the most.

The article is based on the testimony of a person present at the StarWorld Casino in Macau during this part of cash game. According to this anonymous witness, Tom Dwan would have recorded a loss greater than $ 4 million at a shorthanded session which is would be completed around 5 o'clock in the morning, after more than 24 hours of play.

According to HighStakesDB, Dwan is winner of $750K in 2013 on the tables at Full Tilt Poker, but it will take him longer to forget this bad evening.

Maybe Daniel Negreanu was right when he said that Tom Dwan was not part of the best players of poker. Dwan is on a bad pass or it is simply much less dominant at the time?

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