UNUSUAL: The botox for winning at poker?

You lose at poker? So treat yourself to a botox injection. This is Dr. Jack Berdy, New York physician and amateur poker on offer. It offers a treatment Botox supposed to hide the "tells" when you play poker.

"Some frown when they have a good card, others wink their eyes, others back the corners of the mouth. "The objective is to clear these signs to botulinum toxin shots to create the famous"poker face"indecipherable from the pros.

Dr. Berdy goes even further: it can handle certain areas to create false tells to bluff.
Price: $ 600-800 treatment, for a period of 3 to 4 months.

... it will repay itself, it seems!

Let's just say in the "what the fuck" category, it is hard to beat.

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