Represent a bluff

By Huckleberry SeedHuckleberry Seed

Deception is an essential Poker tactic. Usually, when a player comes to deception Poker, it refers to i.e. bluffing, the fact to represent a stronger hand you have in reality. But this isn't the only kind of possible deception in poker. If you study your opponents at length, you can use deception in another way while trying to make them believe that you're bluffing when you hold a very strong hand.

Say you play a part of no.-limit cash game and that things are going well for you. You play an active and aggressive. You win more pots through a series of good maps and a few well-placed semi-bluffs. In the eyes of your opponents, you are the one who wants to win all the money from the table. They begin to suspect you bluff and find that you're a little too ambitious.

With such spirit to the table, you allow in the intermediate position the relaunch of the big blind. You have a modest game, 6 d - 8 d. The flop fell 7 c - 4 h - Qs. You now have a gutshot straight draw and you check. Your opponent bets half the pot and you call feeling that if you hit, you win a pot gos. The turn is a Tc. Now you have a double gutshot draw - a 5 or 9 gives you the straight.
At this stage, bet big. If your opponent has AK or JJ, it will probably fold. If AA or KK, is surely going to caller. After that, you will know that he has a strong hand that it is ready to defend.

The river brings a 9 that complements your straight. Now you can use your aggressive image to your advantage. Go all-in even if it is 2, 3 or 4 x the size of the pot. In the eyes of your opponent, this gesture will have the air of a bluff. Your bet will look ridiculous and impulsive. If you nuts, you miseriez not until, you'd rather upgrade to add value to the pot. This deception will attempt to indicate to your opponent that you are bluffing it when in reality, you hand to win a big pot.

If your opponent folds, you can take a note. You know that it is able to fold a hand and it is capable of making the big fold. But you say that if you repeat this game a few times, he will end you caller. When you feel that it is ready to caller, make sure you have a very good hand when you play together.

No-Limit offers several opportunities to deception. The more you develop your game, more you'll see moments where the bluff or the 'fake' bluff will help you win big pots.