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StrongVPN - Virtual Private Network

Overview of StrongVPN
What is a VPN? Why do I need a VPN? More and more players of poker are interested to the VPN, and with good reason. Since more and more countries apply restrictions on online gaming, some users travelling can connect to their favorite game to their electronic portfolio site, or can simply access their favorite site (either a video site, a news site, a site for purchases, etc.) when they are abroad. For example, most of the online poker sites are inaccessible from the United States, so a Canadian player wishing to play on a network prohibiting USA players will not be able to access the tables in real money from the United States. Therefore, use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). VPNS are a relay to a computer that is located elsewhere. No matter where you are, the VPN will allow you to hide your real IP as if you were at the location of your VPN.

ATTENTION. PokerStars prohibits the VPN and have already been able to detect some players playing via HideMyAss (another VPN). It is therefore risky using StrongVPN to play on PokerStars.

StrongVPN is a legit company who you can trust (they exist since 1995).

Installation of StrongVPN.
StrongVPN installation is very easy. The instructions are clear and precise, adapted to the different versions of your operating system. You will find how how to run a VPN and is configure your network. Then just include the information to connect, and voila!

Ease of use:
Once StrongVPN properly configured, you have to make sure that you are actually connected to your VPN. For the rest, there is no further steps to perform.

StrongVPN offers a fast connection, in several countries in the world. The connections are secured and encrypted and StrongVPN is a recognized company. Therefore, your information is properly protected. StrongVPN is also a very affordable way to increase your download speed, avoiding the "throttling"

With StrongVPN, you can also choose the location of your VPN and change this location easily. Thus, you'll never problem with, for example, websites which are banned in the area where you are.

Trial version:
No trial version is available for StrongVPN. However, you can take a monthly subscription rather than an annual subscription.

Update / support:
StrongVPN offers support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They have a chat available at all times for users who have questions. You can also contact them by phone, skype, or by email.

The support is offered in several languages. English support is available at all times, and the french support is available by now.

StrongVPN is without a doubt the best value at the level of the VPN. It is all the more important for poker players to have a quality, fast and very secure VPN, and StrongVPN meets all these requirements.

StrongVPN is the choice for travellers. PokerCollectif strongly recommends StrongVPN.