BREAKING NEWS: Skrill withdrew from the Canada

Ban skrill canada

Very bad news this morning for Canadian poker players: we learn that as early as January 2, Skrill (formerly Moneybookers) will cease to carry out transactions relating to gambling for Canadians.

Therefore, it will not be possible for Canadians to send a payment to the gambling sites online from January 2, 2014. However, in order to carry out withdrawals of players, merchants will have until January 31, 2014 to send a payment to players. Starting February 1, 2014, neither the merchant nor the player can use Skrill for gambling transactions. By Skrill email will be sent in the next few hours to players.

Canadians revive therefore substantially the same as in 2007, whereas the Neteller payment processor, so popular at the time, had added the Canada to its blacklist.

Is it moves towards a "Black Canadian Friday"? Or another payment processor will take over as in 2007? Discuss on the forum by clicking the following link: " Skrill withdrew from the Canadian market . To discuss instead of alternatives to Skrill, consult the following link: " Alternatives to Skrill/Moneyboookers .


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