Poker USA: PokerStars responds to the AGM

PokerCollectif told you lately that PokerStars wanted to redeem the Atlantic Club. The American Gaming Association (AGA) was really not warm to this idea because, as we know, does PokerStars figure of bad actor to the United States in the file relating to the black friday. The AGA therefore left a memory in the Division of Gaming Enforcement to put sticks in the wheels to PokerStars.

As of yesterday, the mother house of PokerStars (Rational Group) has decided to send a response to the Division of Gaming Enforcement. In a 15-page letter, Rational Group denies the accusations made by the AGM.

According to John Brennan of, the precise letter that the campaign is anti-competitive and it aims to prevent the entry of a competitor on the market.

Rational Group, AGA should not meddle in this matter and to have this folder would be more harmful that else for all parties.

Lawyers write in the letter: "Rational Group recognizes that the terms for licensing and regulation set the highest industry standards and are role models for other jurisdictions. A decision regarding the redemption can be taken without unsolicited a self-proclaimed group of competitors of Rational Group and that the AGM has no first-hand knowledge. The sole interest of the AGM is to conduct an economic war".

They continue: "each of the information sought by the AGM to present comes sources open to the public and nearly all have been widely disseminated in the mainstream media as on the Internet. The DGE is undoubtedly aware of these facts, therefore the participation of the AGM would be worthless.

The State of New Jersey recently passed a law authorizing the poker online, but only to corporations that have a casino in the State. Where the interest for PokerStars to own a casino.

PokerCollectif will give you more information on this issue as soon as they will be made public.

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