The turn of the Greece...

poker_en_ligne_grece.jpgDefinitely, this news began to be redundant. Online game seems to be a windfall for all Governments, and is even more enticing when his country was in financial difficulty. This is particularly the case for the Greece.

The Greece will thus follow the example of many countries who will announce a Bill to regulate online gaming. In fact, according to the Finance Minister Georges Papaconstantinou, the Greece will present its draft law on online gaming "soon". According to Mr. Papaconstantinou, "the attraction of the game in Greece is among the highest in water and in the world; This has to do with our temperament and our culture. The only thing to do is to establish rules". According to what you can learn from the public consultation which took place from 27 August to 12 September, the priority is to regulate online poker and online gambling as a first step, and then regulate casino games and races adjacent in a second time.

This global trend towards regulating the markets, initiated by the Italy and France, gradually changed the face of online poker, to the point where one wonders what it will be within the next two years.

You can discuss this new by clicking the following link: Online Poker and Greece - a Bill introduced soon.


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