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Free subscription to DragTheBar (site video poker strategy)

Get a full subscription to DragTheBar free.

A free subscription to DragTheBar without having to spend a cent? This is possible thanks to PartyPoker. Just to accumulate 1000 PartyPoints per month, and your subscription to DragTheBar will be free.

If you don't have an account, simply create a by clicking the following link: "free to DTB with subscription on PartyPoke subscription".

If you already have a PartyPoker account, you are all eligible for this promotion

To take advantage of the promotion, nothing simpler: just simply create your DragTheBar account and include your PartyPokerinformation. Build then 1000 points in one month, and receive one month free on DragTheBar (and month after month, you may be eligible for this promotion). This promotion does not affect your PartyPoints and you are still eligible for other PartyPokerpromotions.

Frequently asked Questions:

Q is this really free?
R Yes! There is no cost, or even no deduction associated with this promotion.

Q - Can I take advantage of this promotion month after month?
R Yes! Whenever you will earn 1000 points, you will receive one month free!

Q - I have no PartyPoker account. What should I do?
R - Here are the steps to follow:
Step 1: open you an account at PartyPoker by clicking on the following link: new account PartyPoker.
Step 2: enter the code "collective" and PCOLLECTIF to also receive a first deposit bonus!
Step 3: If you don't have a DragTheBar account, create it by clicking the following link: DragTheBar.
Step 4: login to your DragTheBar account and submit your alias on PartyPoker.
Step 5: build 1000 Party Points.

Q I already have a PartyPoker account that I don't use anymore. Can I still enjoy this promotion?
R Yes! Don't create new accounts on PartyPoker: you are still eligible for this promotion with your old PartyPoker account.

Q - I followed all the steps to the letter and I've accumulated 1000 PartyPoints. I have, however, not received my free month on DragTheBar.
R - Free subscriptions are credited the 5th day of the month. If you have not received your free subscription, make sure first that you have indeed properly followed the instructions, and then write "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." mentioning your usernames on DragTheBar and your username on PartyPoker.

Q - What this promotion affect my partypoints and my bonus? Is my affiliate have a deduction on his income?
R - No. The promotion to have DragTheBar free of charge does not affect your bonus, your points, or your affiliate. PartyPoker pays directly DragTheBar for this service, and players make any fees!

Q - I have accumulated just 500 points. Can I have one or two free weeks?
R unfortunately not. This option will perhaps eventually be added.

Q - I do all the steps, but nothing happens. What should I do?
R - Ca may take up to 72 hours for your PartyPoker account is correctly connected to your DragTheBar account. Be patient... and take advantage of this period of 72 hours to accumulate your 1000 PartyPoints.

Q - I am already a member paying DragTheBar! What injustice!
R - DragTheBar and PartyPoker have thought about you. For each month that you build over 1000 points, your subscription will be continued for a month. For example, if you purchased a subscription for 3 months on DragTheBar and only 2 months left in your subscription, you can take advantage of this promotion unless the following month is deducted from your subscription.

Q - I am a player at high volume. Can I receive more than one month free of DragTheBar if I amassed over 1000 points in one month?
R - no! You can have only one free month at a time! For example, if you earn 2000 PartyPoints, you will not receive two months free but good one.

Q - Can I take a pause or cease to participate in this promotion?
Of course! You are under no obligation to continue to play on PartyPoker. So you can stop playing, or taking a break, at any time and continue to be eligible for this promotion if you wish to eventually play on PartyPoker.