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{slide = I do not Excel. {How can I do the tracked my gains?}

See also: Applications Excel
See also: game analysis software

{slide = I want to play on 4 tables. It is the best size screen?}
It is a question of resolution. 1600 * 1200 is the minimum resolution to avoid duplication on most sites.

See also software to facilitate the multi-table

{slide = I have a mac.} What are the sites compatible?}
Pacific Poker
Pitbull Poker
24 h Poker (network PokerRoom)
Hollywood Poker (network PokerRoom)
EuroPoker (network PokerRoom)
Hold'emPoker (network PokerRoom)
Bugsys Poker
ComeOut Poker (network Bugsys)

All other sites work on mac using VirtualPC, but performance (slow) issues have been repportes with some sites.

{slide = what is some software (PokerTracker) are prohibited by poker sites?}
PokerTracker, Poker Office, PokerAceHud to name those are allowed by the sites. On the other hand, some software are defended. It goes the same for websites offering profiles of players. Amongst these software and sites protected, ago WinHoldem Holdem Memory, PokerBot, PokerEdge, Poker Prophecy, Poker Sherlock and PokerBot Pro. Click here for more information.

{slide = with which sites PokerOffice is compatible?}

{slide = what is the formula that sites use for random card sequences?}
This varies from site and site, but here are the methods of Paradise Poker and PokerStars .

{slide = what's there already were problems related to the generation of random cards?}
Yes. If the sequence comes to repeat itself, it is theoretically possible to find cards that are coming. This is what happened on Planet Poker. You can read the summary of the story, but note that it happened in 1998-1999, although years before even most of you has begun to play poker. The security of sites is much better since and it is now quite safe to play.