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rss_bigYou want to be on the lookout for the latest news in the world of poker? Subscribe to our RSS feeds. PokerCollectif offers three (3) subscription RSS to be informed of news in the world of poker, latest strategy articles, as well as recent discussions on the PokerCollectif forum.


RSS feeds - the new Poker collective
News from the world of poker


RSS feed - Articles in strategy Poker collective
The latest strategy articles to improve your poker

rss_med RSS feeds - Forums
The latest posts on our discussion forums.

What is RSS format?
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a data description format that facilitates the dissemination of son of information, so automated, intended users, and which promotes the syndication of content by allowing other sites to republish this data easily in whole or in part.

With this format, you no longer need to consult a your favorite sites to be informed of their new products: just insert their RSS news thread in a compatible software for all your sources of information aggregated on one screen!

Thus, in the sons of PokerCollectif information, you can display on your computer the latest news published on our site, without having to log in on our home page.

How to access RSS feeds?

There are several ways to access from your computer, the son of information published by PokerCollectif.

You can:

  • use your email software and take advantage of this information while you check your emails,
  • use your Web browser and display the different flows of information in the form of a homepage,
  • use a software specialized in the son of RSS news aggregation, also known under the name of RSS reader or news aggregator.
  • Alternatively, take advantage of these sons of information on your Smartphone, a Palm or Pocket PC connected via Bluetooth to a GRPS mobile.

Whatever the formula, you need to enter the software used the URL of each flow of information that you want to retrieve. A very simple operation, which often amounts to a mouse click.