PokerTableRatings - Hand Histories

Overview of PokerTableRatings HH:
PokerTableRatings provides a fast and complete service on several networks. They are the only ones to offer tournament hand histories and cover the Bodog and the Cake network.

PokerTableRatings stands out for the many additional options on their site, their web site complete and their popularity in the world of online poker.

PokerTableRatings offers not only the hand histories, but also accessible individual statistics via their website on players each.
PTR offers all the purchasing history of hand block a monthly subscription with new daily hands.

Supported sites:
PokerTableRatings offers a wide choice of site: PokerStars, FullTilt Poker, PartyPoker, IPoker, Cereus, Ongame, Cake Nework and the Bodog. It is particularly difficult to find a site that sells the Hand Histories on Cake and Bodog.
French players can also buy for poker hand histories.

Variations and types of games supported:
PokerTableRatings hands on offer in cashgame (Hold'Em and Omaha) and sit' n'go (Hold'em only). To our knowledge, PTR is one of the only sites to offer the hands of sit' n'go.
They cover also all limits.

PokerTableRatings offers slightly higher prices than their competitors for the purchase of hand block history. Using PokerTableRatings promotional code " PC10 ", it is possible to get a discount of 10%, so the purchase of lot hands back at the same price as elsewhere (even less expensive, depending on the limit).

For monthly subscriptions, PokerTableRatings is simply competitive step: they offer more than twice less hands on a daily basis, at a price of two to three times higher.

PokerTableRatings also offers no discount for players wishing to hand on multiple sites histories or / and to multiple limits.

PokerTableRatings is without a doubt a very popular site with many options available as well as some exclusive (SNG or the Cake network hands). For the purchase of lot of hand, PokerTableRatings histories is a good choice when you combined your purchase.

PokerCollectif recommends PokerTableRatings for bulk purchasing hand histories, hands on Bodog, Cake Poker or PokerStars network purchase, or purchase of hands of sit' n'go (be sure to use the discount code PokerTableRatings "PC10" for a 10% discount).

PokerCollectif does not recommend the purchase of a subscription of daily hands on PokerTableRatings : many other more complete and much less expensive options are available.