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TableScan Turbo

A tool that does not date from yesterday, but which is always interesting. Here are some questions that you might have regarding this software:

Wholesale what?

TableScan Turbo is a software that allows you to scan your PokerStars client (for example) tables to give you a quick overview of the players present on the tables. You can scan one or more limits and get an overall picture of the players.

You will have such useful information that, where are the losers players. On which table are they and are they trying to multitable. You also have a "fish" category that allows you to quickly find the competition the lowest.

How does it work?

The operation is simple. After indicating to TableScan Turbo the location of your database, you have to launch your game software and TableScan Turbo. You select the limits you want to scan and you press 'Scan Tables'. Within minutes the information following will appear:


You can categorize the players (in the lower part of the software) by money won or lost, an interesting tool to identify the fishs.

The benefits

The advantages are obvious: you save a lot of time to make a good table selection. Choosing its tables is an important ability to poker. The fact of being constantly surrounded by losers players can greatly improve your winrate.

The software also has the advantage of being fast. You do not lose 1 h to wait that it scans all tables. You can also add some players to your list of bad players.

The disadvantages

You are not alone in having this software. Most of the time, when you find a good table (with 2 fishs or more), you will find that this table is already full and that 8 people are already waiting for the table (according to the website on which you play).

How much does it cost?

Licenses for this software depends on the limit you play. For micro-limits (NL10 and less), the rate is $ 19.95. For small limits (50nl and less), $ 49.95 for the full license (all limits) $ 79.95.

If you are interested in the software, you can get it here: buy TableScan Turbo.

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