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PokerCollectif is a French-speaking community of poker. The objective of PokerCollectif is to bring relevant resources on poker, and to offer its members exclusive promotions via a revenue-sharing system. In other words, PokerCollectif will restore more than 2/3 of its profits to its members!

PokerCollectif was able to communicate with various professional players, so that they can provide articles, blogs and interesting columns. As the majority of this content is in English, PokerCollectif has a team of translator who will make this content accessible to the francophone community in poker. Thus, you can read articles by Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth Jr., Annie Duke, John Vorhaus, Matt Peters, Matt Matros, and more!

You will also find the blog of Daniel Negreanu in french!

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Poker Strategy

New book: Jonathan Little on the cash games lives

in Review of book
A new book just published by D & B: Jonathan Little We Live No-Limit Cash Games 2 - The practice As you will have divine, the 400-page book deals for cash games lives, but in a very practical way. What we mean by "practice" is that it is the presentation of…