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Calculator odds / probabilities

To better analyze certain situations poker players use calculators probabilities. Some software used to calculate odds in real time, while others allow more analysis of the situation afterwards. Software calculator outs and odds in real time are generally of poor quality (because they do not take account of the range of naughty) and PokerCollectif recommends not using this type of software. However, odds calculators and simalateur hands to analyze a hand or situation and are invaluable for poker players.

PokerCollectif recommends PokerStove and FlopZilla! . PokerStove is simply essential to analyze one hand, while FlopZilla! is a very interesting addition to better visualize your hand, the ranks of the enemy and the relationship between the hands and the board.

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Flopzilla aims to teach users to develop an overview of how certain ranges of hands hitting some flops. It allows the user to enter a range of hands and illustrate the frequency and the force with which the range of hand touches the board.

$ 35

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acepokerdrillsicon Ace Poker Drills
Ace Poker Drills is a program designed as a quiz by placing players in situations of fictional games. The software is designed in three parts to improve the preflop play, calculating outs and probabilities, and calculate the equity game situation
Free $ 49.99 *** Download  
Calculatem Pro
Odds calculator that gives you real-time advice on how to play your hands.

$ 99.85 **

Holdem Genius  
Software that allows you to calculate in real time the pots odds and probabilities of improving your hand. Holdem Genius also includes other interesting options for beginners.

$ 99.85 **

HoldEm Indicator  
Odds calculator with basic HUD to familiarize yourself with statistics such as VPIP, PFR, Aggression Factor, WTSD etc.. An interesting tools for beginners in cash games.

$ 89.95

Magic Holdem  
Calculator odds and probabilities, Magic Holdem also gives you useful information in real time to help you play your poker hands.

$ 89.90 **

Omaha Indicator  
Omaha version of the software described above, Holdem Indicator. The options are almost the same, but adapted for your Omaha games.

$ 89.95

Stud Indicator  
Version Stud Omaha and Hold'em Indicator Indicator. The options are almost the same, but adapted to your parts Stud.

$ 149

$ 69 **

* Limited Version
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The *** Odds & Outs is free; the Preflop Equity component Trainer and Trainer are $ 29.99 each, but the combo is available for $ 49.99