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Cost: $ 30 per month, no registration fee; discounts for subscriptions of 6 or 12 months.
Videos: nearly 2000 videos; 10 new videos per week.
Main variants: Cashgame Hold'Em
Core instructors: Vanessa 'fslexcduck' Selbst, Joe Tall, Rob 'Entity' Cole, Jay 'pr1nnyraid' Rosenkrantz, Aaron WiltOnTilt 'Wilt, Emil' whitelime 'Patel, Andrew BalugaWhale' Seidman, Dan 'DJ Sensai' Morris, Ariel DaEvils' Schneller (aka FoxwoodsFiend), etc..
Download / Streaming: Yes
DRM: Not
Videos in French: Not
CASHGAMES NLHE Tournament Micro / small stakes Average limits High limits Omaha Other variants


DeucesCracked was founded in 2007 by "2 +2 ers" and quickly became a success, mainly due to the participation of the main instructors at the reality TV series "2 months, 2 Million". They also revolutionized sites coaching in their own way: while other sites offered individual videos where an instructor recorded his session, DeucesCracked rather put up a series of videos on the same theme.

DeucesCracked was one of the first major sites do not use DRM, so that people could downloader videos and listen to their ipod or on their computer without being connected to internet.


Jay Rosenkrantz, Danzasmack, DeathDonkey, Joe Tall and Rob Cole are the founders of DeucesCracked ; the executives instructors are Vanessa Selbst, Aaron Wilt, Emil Patel, Dan Morris, Ariel Schneller, Dani Stern, and Josh Plotkin. Since the beginning of DeucesCracked , many instructors have made ​​videos as Tommy Angelo, Andrew Seidman and many others.

While DeucesCracked instructors had a solid core, they seem to have almost all problems for over a year at the tables. The instructors are good teachers that explain very well, but do they really are still able to beat the parties these days? To see the results, one might be tempted to say no ...


Members DeucesCracked have access to nearly 2,000 videos. Many videos are added every week (at a rate of about 10 new videos per week). Videos are also added on the weekends, so that there is a new video (or more!) Almost every day!

You can play videos on your ipod, ipad, or without being connected to the internet since DeucesCracked does not use DRM. You can also continue to listen to The downloaded videos even after your subscription to DeucesCracked completed.

DeucesCracked also has a good level content and MTT content above the average for other variants of games like Omaha, Stud and Razz.


A subscription to DeucesCracked $ 30 per month; there is no registration fee and discounts for subscription 6 months or 1 year is applicable.

DeucesCracked also offers a free 7 day trial version to have free access to all videos DeucesCracked . They do not use DRM, you can continue to listen to the videos downloaded during your trial period, even if you cancel your subscription.


  • Many contents in a variety of variations and limitations.
  • Content as a series.
  • Instructors provide good explanations and good qualities of instructors.
  • Unlimited trial version for 7 days (some take the opportunity to have access to many videos totally free)
  • Several videos are ipod format (no DRM!)

Pitfalls of

  • Slight lack of content at tournaments (especially the NSE).
  • The results of instructors in recent years are disappointing. Are they still able to beat the limits they play? The question worth asking!
  • DeucesCracekd has the defect of its quality: the site is so big and there are so many instructors who have made videos that sometimes find the always present good video footage of several means or are no longer relevant. It becomes hard for us to know who / what to listen to.


DeucesCracked offer quality content, without membership fees. It is therefore an ideal solution for smaller budgets or those who want to subscribe for the first time a video coaching site. DeucesCracked is an interesting general solution, and PokerCollectif recommend subscribing to this site video coaching players micro-limits or lower limits, as well as players who want a temporary subscription few months.