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PokerNews Strategy

Cost: $ 30 per month and $ 25 registration fee; No fees registration for subscriptions of three months, and discount for 12 months subscriptions.
Videos: About 150 videos; 2 to 3 new videos per week.
Major variants: Cashgame Hold'Em
Core instructors: Tony G, Randy 'nanonoko' Lew, Scott 'URnotINdanger2' Palmer, Josh 'LitleBastrd' part of Tieman group, Evan 'MacDaddy34' Panesis, John 'UMD Tennis' O'Rourke, Kane 'Nascar_1949' Kalas.
Download/Streaming: Yes
DRM technology: Non
Videos in french: Non
Cashgames NLHE Tournament Micro / small limits Medium limits High limits Omaha Other variants


PokerNews Strategy is a video coaching site associated with the PokerNews (owned by Tony G) empire. After an unofficial launch missed in 2008 (due, among other things, to the lack of content: they had launched the site with less than 40 videos!), PokerNews Strategy will retry the experience again with a new team of instructors, with the biggest names in the world of online poker: Nanonoko, URnotINdanger2, litlebastrd (winner of a bracelet at the WSOP 2010 also) and Tony G.

The official launch took place in mid-2010 and approximately 150 videos are already available.


The team of instructors behind PokerNews Strategy is impressive: together, they have won several million dollars and made up to them only a "dream team" at the level of online poker!
PokerNews Strategy is also one of the few sites to have a specialty instructor (Jamie Glazier) on the side psychological Poker (the other site being DragTheBar with Jarred Tendler).


The site is still recent, very few videos are available and members have access to approximately 150 videos. The little video has been offset at the opening by the regular addition of new videos, but quickly, it has the impression that the site is sluggish and days updates are less regular. He spent sometimes a week before a video single added.


A subscription to PokerNews Strategy costs $ 30 per month; a $ 25 registration fee shall apply for monthly subscriptions. You will however not to pay registration fees if you take a subscription for 3 months or one year. A discount applies for a one year subscription.


  • The instructors are players seasoned with very good results.
  • Sister of the Empire PokerNews site.
  • An analysis of hand with any subscription of one year.


  • Unlike all the Empire PokerNews sites, PokerNews Strategy does not have a professional approach with their video site. The updates to days are not done at regular intervals, and it can spend several days before a single new videos.
  • No trial version.
  • Very little content.

The final word

PokerNews Strategy is without a doubt a beautiful project and everything is in place so the site knows a great success. Unfortunately, there seems to be a complacency with the site (again!) and the content is added to the dropper.
Until this situation is resolved, it is difficult to recommend a subscription to PokerNews Strategy. Roach still an eye on this new came into the world of video coaching: a few changes could quickly make PokerNews Strategy an important industry player!