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Cost: $ 30 per month, no registration fee; discount for subscriptions of 6 or 12 months.
Videos: over 750 videos; 5 new videos per week.
Major variants: Cashgame Hold'Em
Core instructors: Aaron 'Aejones' Jones, Rob 'BobboFitos' Eckstut, Richard 'nutsinho' Lyndaker, Andrew 'LuckyChewy' Lichtenberger, Ashton 'theashman103' Griffin, Matt 'mcballa001' Carrier, and many others.
Download/Streaming: Yes
DRM technology: Yes (approximately 15% of the videos have no DRM technology)
Videos in french: Non
Cashgames NLHE Tournament Micro / small limits Medium limits High limits Omaha Other variants


LeggoPoker was founded in 2007 and quickly took the stripe. The instructors are little-known in the world of "live" poker, but aliases of the instructors will tell you without a doubt something: these are instructors who have proven their worth as players dominating their limits. LeggoPoker specializes in no-limit Hold'em in cashgame only: the other variants have only a handful of videos.


Better known by their aliases by their real name, LeggoPoker instructors have been proven as a player. The ' Aejones', 'Bobbofitos', Nutsinho", 'LuckyChewy',"theashman103"and"mcballa001"form a very solid core of players, with results online to make blush with envy any player.

In addition to being solid players, LeggoPoker instructors are also good instructors and explain very well the various concepts and strategies.


LeggoPoker has still 750 and 1000 videos and offers highly specialized content: 90% + of content concerning the No-Limit Hold'em. Might even add that 70% of videos concerned Hold' 6 - max limit Hold'em! Forget therefore the other variants, tournaments or sit' n'go... and even the parties fullring or headsup!

Most of the videos use DRM technology: so you can not listen to all the videos on your ipod/ipad or without being connected to the internet. you will also lose access to videos, even those that you have downloaded, when your subscription is completed.


A subscription to LeggoPoker costs $ 30 per month; There is no registration fee and a rebate for a 6 month or 1 year subscription is valid.

A 7-day trial version is available free of charge, allowing access to all the videos. There is no point downloading a maximum of videos to watch later: once completed the trial period, you will lose access to most of the videos that you have uploaded since LeggoPoker uses DRM technology.


  • Specialized in cashgame NLHE 6-max content.
  • The team of instructors of LeggoPoker is solid and has been proven, both as players and as instructors.


  • The site is so focused for NHLE 6 players - max that players want to explore other variants/formats have to subscribe to a second video site in order to meet this need.
  • The website has several irritants to the level of the navigation between videos.

The final word

Cashgame Hold'em players ' limitless Em 6 - MAX will be definitely for their money thanks to the team of instructors of high level and quality offered advice and LeggoPoker is probably one of the best sites if you're a one-dimensional player.
PokerCollectif highly recommend a subscription to LeggoPoker if you are a specialist player in cashgame NLHE 6 - max. You're going to withdraw from LeggoPoker will pay itself when you will be sitting at the tables.