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Cost: $ 30 per month and no registration fee; discount for 3, 6 or 12 month subscription.
Videos: over 750 videos; +/-8 new videos per week.
Major variants: Cashgame Hold'Em
Core instructors: Dusty 'Leatherass' Schmidt, Jeremy ' Chipsteela / EndlessJ' Menard, Matt 'mbolt1' Bolt, Ross 'Milwaukee2' Hartung, Hunter 'BeachJustice' Bick, Bill Robertie (Backgammon).
Download/Streaming: Yes
DRM technology: Non
Videos in french: Non
Cashgames NLHE Tournament Micro / small limits Medium limits High limits Omaha Other variants


DragTheBar has not officially launched in 2009, without fanfare. Yet they have quality instructors... but it probably was in the shadow of sites like BlueFirePoker. Then, the official launch took place in early 2010. In addition to the 'technical', DragTheBar focuses also on the 'psychological' Poker, thanks inter alia to the psychologist Jared Tendler, who has helped several big names in the world of poker.

DragTheBar also offers several videos of tournaments and sit' n'go, in addition to videos of backgammon.

In 2010, DragTheBar has chete the video PokerSwat site.


The team of instructors of DragTheBar is perhaps not as spectacular as that of BlueFirePoker, but this is definitely one of the best teams. DragTheBar attracted the former head of poster for StoxPoker, Dusty Schmidt (aka Leatherass), to their team. Jared Tendler psychologist is also an interesting addition to the team. Ross 'milwaukee2' Hartung is also a very very solid which has been proven for many years already. Bill Robertie also offers videos of Backgammon on DragTheBar.

In general, the instructors are very good players of mid-limit. Are not really players highstakes in the list of instructors, but only excellent players of NL200. The Group of instructors are therefore addressed to players ranging from micro limits until the midstakes.


Members will have access to + 750 videos. New videos are added every week (at the rate of about 8 videos per week).
Videos can be downloaded and also be seen streaming. As DragTheBar does not use DRM technology, so you can listen to the videos on your Iphone or Ipad without problem, and you can listen to the videos you have downloaded even if your subscription ended.

Videos are also available for backgammon players


$ 30 per month, without any registration fee.Discount for 3 months, 6 months or 1 year subscription. 7 days free trial period.

Players wishing to play on PartyPoker can also free access to videos from DragTheBar. This promotion is open to players who already have an account at PartyPoker...


  • A group of instructors with proven as players.
  • Quality videos
  • 7 days free.
  • Possibility to have free access to the videos playing on PartyPoker.
  • Videos of available backgammon.
  • A good proportion of the videos aim players to tournaments and sit' n'go.
  • No registration fee.
  • Non-use of DRM technology.


  • For many, the web site is difficult navigation.
  • The site is still recent, so that there is not yet so many videos of archives.
  • Many videos come from PokerSwat; former members of PokerSwat will be so with some videos they've already seen...
  • Highstakes players will find little videos that apply to their limits.
  • Practically oriented the Hold'em no limit.

The final word

DragTheBar is a newcomer in the middle of the video coaching and there is no doubt that they will soon play in the big leagues. The trial version, the possibility of having a free subscription and the absence of membership fee makes an excellent solution for players with a small budget. DragTheBar aims a clientele of small limits players / averages limits of Hold'Em without limit, and PokerCollectif strongly recommend subscribing to DragTheBar if you meet the target clientele: the product is excellent and really worth the price!